Sustainable economic development and social empowerment for all

Jinnah Welfare Society (JWS) established in 1990 and registered on 28th March 1992. It is working with low income and unbanked people with the mandate to eradicate poverty. JWS contributes to uplift the literacy rate, improve the physical infrastructure and capacity development of the poor communities.

Jinnah Welfare Society has designed its Vision, Mission, and Objectives to establish a clear cut working methodology to alleviate poverty in target areas.

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Micro Credit
The objective is to select actually marginalized communities which can
Enterprise Development
  JWS can become efficient intermediaries for cost effective and sustainable
Agri Financing
 To purchase seed, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides for Rice & Wheat crops only
Small & Medium Enterprise
   Promotion of medium & small scaled enterprises by targeting specified
Human and Institutional
Development (HID)
The main objective of the unit is to strengthen institutional capacities and human
Non-Formal Basic
Education (NFBE)
   Present era of technology, world has become a global village and no can remain
Community Physical
Infrastructure (CPI)
 Non-profit social development organization serving urban and rural
Networks & Linkage
This Unit of the JWS provides support in the form of grants to local marginalized
Non Financial Services

To address the social and economic issues confronted by poor peoples
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